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Mar 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
a number of awards. including the defense medal. and, global war on terrorism service medal. friends and family say she was best known for her charity work. they say she would often volunteer for her church. she is described as a melo person. she has two sisters. philippe djegal, kron 4 news >> new tonight at eleven. friends of castromata talking about dealing with the loss. in a story you'll only see on kron4. we talked to the murdered marine's godmother and her two daughters. who say sara was one of a kind. >> this is my son who is in kuwait and he is also hurt about this as well. >> shoes and wonderful caring person. >> i remember her as also being loving, caring and making me laugh and helped me with my homework. >> it has been very, very devastating. she had a great personality and sense of humor. >> how do you move on from this? >> remembering her smile. stay with us as we follow this developing story. we'll bring you any new information as we get it. developing right now. the coast guard has now called off the search for a man missing off the coast of half moon bay. it all sta
Mar 22, 2013 11:00pm PDT
- it will review the defense of marriage act which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. dozens of air traffic control towers are on the chopping block. including a tower in salinas. the f-a-a said today that the tower at the salinas municipal airport will be one of the 149 towers nationwide to shut down. it's a result of the forced budget cuts. they went into effect at the beginning of march. the salinas tower, will be part of phased out closure over four weeks -- beginning in april. a man in philadelphia is in police custody tonight for impersonating a pilot after he managed to slip into a u- s airways cockpit. police say phillippe jernnard was dressed as an air france pilot. on a flight to florida - he sat in the cockpit in the jump seat. but the pilots became suspicious when he couldn't even figure out how to fasten the straps. jennard is being held on one-million-dollars bail. the airline is not commenting. in sports. a tough day for the locals at the high school state basketball championships. and we have the first shocker in the n-c-a-a tournament. . also lebron and the miami he
Mar 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
team puerto rico comes out on top three to one behind timely pitching defense and hitting including a big 21 homer in the seventh inning by alex and the final out reported by familiar face to giants fans in san francisco. >> what you are once again unfamiliar territory fighting for championship at at&t park. >> it is awesome. and when you try to accomplish something for your country. i think we have a big responsibility to our programs all where of allows them puerto rico alley made a statement. the message is clear it does not and right here. >> team puerto rico will play in the championship game on tuesday that will square off against the winner of monday's semi finals between the dominican republic and the netherlands. regardless, it was a fantastic day at the ballpark. >> before the game fans from both sides of shaking hands. >> others, waving signs and flags. in fact, that seems to be the most popular outfit, flags draped over the shoulders. >> i love baseball. >> there is no shortage of team japan are puerto rico faithful's. >> lots of pride. >> yes. exactly. >> are you rootin
Mar 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
from the defensive marriage eric tuesday next week their rulings are respected sometime this summer. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> catherine: a new national poll shows support for same sex marriage at an all=time high. in the last ten years, public opinion has undergone a reversal. in 2003, more than half of all americans wanted to outlaw same sex marriage. now nearly 60 percent want to legalize it. the poll was conducted by langer research for abc news and the washington post. there are new details on what police say was a plot to kill students on the orlando campus of the university of central florida. they say a student had planned to kill people near his dorm -- but changed his mind and killed himself. they say james seev-aku- maran had home-made bombs, an assault weapon, a handgun, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his dorm room. they believe he pulled a fire alarm just after midnight, and planned to shoot students as they left the building. one student called police - and it's believed the sound of sirens may have made the suspect re-think his plan. classes have resumed to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4